Financial Tools for Mollycoddlers and the Mollycoddled

money and free mollycoddler
You are going to need to budget your money.  If you must give a monthly stipend to your mollycoddled, at least barter for some service they can perform for you and don’t give them the money until they perform or deliver.  These kids are adults after all, aren’t they?

money dollar puzzle

Priorities are rent, electric, grocery, transportation, and then recreational.  Your shopping sprees fall in the recreational category.  This priority list applies to the mollycoddlers and mollycoddled alike.

money gown

Try getting your shopping spree fix by shopping at thrift stores and dollar stores.

mollycoddled more of them

Now, let’s get down to business.  What are you going to invest your money in to create a passive income for yourself and those you know you will mollycoddle again?

candles in glass lit

Here are some ideas:


Web designing and blogging

Book reseller

Antiques dealing

Painting & photography

classic blonde with cigarette

farming and gardening

Wait a minute, you don’t have to do the farming and gardening unless you get a zen feeling doing those activities.  It is passive income in that the plants that you grow kind of grow on their own so long as you provide them with soils and water that suits their needs.  The point is to find ways to give yourself residual incomes for your old age.  Pyramid schemes abound, find one that is fun for you, print up some business cards and hand them out and let your down line do all the work.

shake slimfit java

Spend a little time in every day fantasizing about your retirement.  Ask and it is Given.  You won’t know what to ask for if you don’t give it serious thought.  The best way to predict your future is to create it.  If you want things to change, YOU have to change things.  You have to align your thoughts with finances.  You have to take the steps to have a financial standing.  You know these things.  You have to work everyday at it.  You have to maintain a bank account and a paypal account.  How else are you going to rake in the dough if you don’t have a paypal account?


Things have changed.  The mollycoddled live in a different world than we did back in the day.  They have to apply for jobs on-line and they release millions of applications into the email ethereal where most likely nobody is looking at their resumes.

classic catworman julie numar

The mollycoddled without internet skills will fail.  That’s when they come back to you.   This means that you have to have mad internet skills.  Or you have to at least have persistence.  Pluck away at it everyday.  You will get there.


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